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Established in 2012, is one of the Advanced Systems Consulting Company Limited (ASC Group), which has been operating in Thailand for over 15 years with 3 business groups. Our service is human resource consulting. Along with IT Outsourcing and including recruitment services for Non-IT Outsourcing in various positions Human resource consulting services, Payroll administration, Training management, Personnel development Including consulting services In the field of professional careers for various organizations or agencies Covering all businesses in the country

ADVANCED ADMINISTRATION CO., LTD. Provides non-IT outsourcing services

Recruitment services in various positions In the form of a contract (Sub - Contract), a routine (Head Hunt), transfer of staff (Transfer Staff), providing a full service customer service center (Outsourcing Contract Center Services), creating a payroll system Accepting project management according to customer needs In the form of short-term and long-term projects as well as being a consultant for human resources To agencies / or leading organizations nationwide

Our vision

Advanced Administration Co., Ltd. (AAC) is a leader in human resource management. With experience in recruiting And professional management personnel consultation As with the slogan of the company “We empower human resources to become the most valuable of the organization.”

Our Mission

  • Provide services to meet the needs of customers with fast expertise, quality and fairness
  • Recruiting and being a professional human resource management consultant
  • Develop and manage the organization effectively by applying innovation and modern technology


  • Finance and accounting
    We have a process Recruiting and selecting personnel quickly that meets the needs of customers. Which we can meet the needs of accounting personnel And the most financial
  • Information technology
    We provide services for customers who are looking for technicians, designers, system analysts or system administrators with specialized expertise. Which can respond to needs whether Providing services in the form of outsourcing or project contract
  • Customer service
    We provide services to meet the needs of customers in the Call Center, including the team and personnel in Inbound - Outbound experts, debt collection (Collection) and telephone sales promotion (Tele marketing) with skills to take good care of customers. visit We also provide consulting services for establishing and managing Call Center systems as well.
  • Engineering
    We have extensive experience. Recruitment Engineering experts in every field including designers, managers, engineers, project managers, etc.
  • Office work
    We have services that are born from expertise. And direct experience from AAC's services, which will help customers find the right person to meet the needs of your organization or organization. Whether general employees, executives, technical experts, assistants, system administrators, experts in data entry, processing, accounting, medical, law and insurance work We focus on providing quality personnel with excellent skills. Including direct experience with the line of work to meet your needs
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